Sunday, September 27, 2009

mommy stayed to do some art

Marissa, Mommy, Elyce, and Kamden are painting on fabric today.

chicken pot pie!

Kamded made 2 of these so uncle jim and daddy have leftovers! Still have to put the 2nd crust on top.

pie crust...

What dish could iron chef kamden be working on now!

mommy stopped by

With hot dogs! Yeah.

Chef Kamden - action shot

Kamden takes a break from cooking to enjoy carrot sticks, dressing, and milk.

iron chef kamden

Presents dish #1. Meat loaf. These arent mini sized loafs, kamden doesn't beleive is small ammounts of beef.

Todays art project

We are going to paint our own t-shirt. It is a plain white one now. But now it is goint to be lots of colors. And we got to post a picture of our favorite sleeping buddy and mew - Mickey.

time to wake up

Wow what a good nap. We started at about 12:10 and got up at 2:20.

One full chair

lacrosse? In the rain

Todays installment atatred with lunch for 5 at nikko's restaurant. We played with lacrosse in the back yard after daisy went inside (she doesn't like the rain)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

kamdens message for aunt tami

Amazingly after kamden heard that aunt tami looked at his blog, he grabbed the his new markers and the stencil and wrote this message.

mickey got a little color

This is what happens when u sleep on the coloring book

picture from the merry go round

We're not doing a good job of getting things in chronological order today. Here is a picture of kamden at the beginning of the merry go round ride.

catching some Z's in the car

On the way back from nantasket.

merry go round

hot dogs?? At the beach

Nahh... Its not vienna

kamden likes the basil @ holly farm

We saw Pumpkin the horse, goats, and chickens too@!

before we left the house...

We did hopping and counting on the deck.

kamden likes having hoffman outside