Saturday, August 29, 2009

after our nap.. We did some cooking

We know daddy likes this italian disn, but it is a surprise.

Lunch is served...

Kamden waived and says 'Hi mom'.

Chef Kamden makes lunch.

Kamden had a little bit of american cheese while his chicken was cooking.

I nap in the car

The Eggs check out ok

@ the grocery

Shhh. Dont tell dad we stopped at the toy store next door.

on the way to the grocery store

MMM Good coffee

We found Mickey

He was drinking some water.

On the way to find mickey...

We saw it was raining outside.

kamden likes watching daisy

Kamden likes watching daisy and hoffman chase paper balls.


Watching Hoffman

Hoffman is the fast Mew Mew. He's fun to watch

Making Stir Fry

Kamden wanted to make a Stir Fry. He started with Banana, Cauliflour, and orange slices.