Sunday, November 29, 2009

the gardening was pretty labor intensive, time for a nap now

Garden's got talent

gardening as a backup career?

If the whole gourmet cooking deal doesn't work out kamden may have a promising future in gardening design.


We had a good breakfast, but didnt remember to do pictures for our blog friends. Later we went gardening.

Friday, November 27, 2009

jacob wirth...

Waiting for a table.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


does video work?

our chef

dennis notes that it isn't a saturday or sunday......

But we can make an exception.



Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am ready to have surf and turf

Where is everyone?

brussel sprouts for everyone!

These are mmm mmm good when saute'd with olive oil, salt, and lots of fresh cracked pepper.

cookies? For dinner?

Kamden is mixing the butter, sugar, and brown sugar. Next is the eggs!!

Chef Kamden

Preparing and slicing strawberries (in the egg slicer)

wow a long nap.

Kamden got up at 5:30pm, almost 3 hours.... Then we played blocks and vegtables, now were cooking.

Naptime arrives

Kamden resisted the urge to nap till 2:30. He finally was unable to keep the eyes open when we stopped at Wilson's farm for some fresh produce. It's for dinner, but we are still figuring out what dinner is going to be (we need to keep our readers guessing).

daisy's sweet ride

Daisy is all set up for a good nap in the front seat.

snack time.

Bubbly water and crunchy bunnies make a good snack.

krunch naturally?

daisy extreene close up

krunch naturally?

missing george

Someone found another boy's george. Hope that george finds his boy.

this isn't the yarn shop

Hmmm.. What could be in here.

on our way to Cambridge to go to a fancy toy ummm I mean yarn shop

forget milk mustache.. We've got cream cheese mustache

Bagels this morning at Atlantic Bagel in Hingham.

Breakfast with Mommy

forget milk mustache.. We've got cream cheese mustache

Bagels this morning at Atlantic Bagel in Hingham.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We are working on potty training

cooking chef kamden style

lazagna on the menu tonight

I have been napping for 45 mins now, check out this darn cute pict ure.

so big

Kamden is so big (and happy) when walking on marissa's shoulders

The rice cooker is on the move.

We just had the stinkiest poo ever!!!!

Rice cooker

After breakfast Marissa and mommy made fun of Jim's college era rice cooker. Sen said this was the kind they had when she was in cambodia. Marissa decided that the rice cooker is a kamden's newest toy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marissa's Home

We're having fun with Marissa now that she is home.

funny boy


Playing with the new cup we got at Jiffy Lube and every measuring cup with a rubber handle. Kamden didnt want any with metal handles or any plastic measurers.

Soup's On

Now the soup is a quick boil and 3 hour simmer from being done.

cellery too

Carrot Sticks

After going to the oil change and the supermarket a few carrot sticks are a nice snack

Cooking Soup

Cooking soup for marissa's friend tania

Lunch was good

Kamden liked the chicken and the rice.

Hoffman came for lunch

Hoffman likes chicken. Daisy too. Mickey is still sleeping.


We woke up from a good nap (almost 2 hours) and are having some lunch. Mommy made rice and Marissa made chicken. All Jim had to do was heat it up.

Naps Happen

Early Nap?

Kamden seems a little tired. He may take an early nap.

Breakfast @ Jimmy's

Jimmy's diner in Weymouth. Mr. Kamden had Bannana pankakes and sausage.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

we're almost to curious george's store

I cannot believe it, George was able to get some time off from wor k

And come take a nap with me !


After a few failed attempts to find the right george, we found the right george.

harvard square

A fresh diaper and we are on our way.

George's Store

Wow. George has a whole store here in the People's Republic of Cambridge.

Sweet Ride Dude

going to starbucks for some much needed caffeine

I hear George likes a double mochachino whip no foam