Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every Rocker Needs a Band

This is Kamdens crew.

kamden rocks out

This is a warm clip with a little twinkle twinkle for all you fans out there.

We have a longer clip coming, but it is giving us a little trouble uploading via email (it's a good one, but over 10 megs).

dennis rocks the house

but needs more alcohol

Sunday, December 27, 2009

kamden has been standing in this pot all day

rissa's home

The Cheddar Bunnies made me do it.

Pee Pee #2

That Juice is paying off. Yeah! No pictures please :)

Lots O cooking

Kamden and Jimmy are cooking alot. The placemat is a stove top (in case you didnt know).

'its not working'

From the mouth of babes or however it goes. When i explained that this was my new radio, kamden's response was clear. 'its not working'. Fabulous.

playing with new pantry food

We're playing with the new pantry food we got for christmas.

hardware store

We waited in the car to end our nap. Now we are headed to a hardware adventure.

Carrots can't go wrong

?,We got home after the hardware store. We changed into big boy pants and had just a little of the roll and cheese mommy made. But carrots cant be wrong

Juice in... Juice out

We knew drinking juice was fun, but pee pee in the toilet is even better. FYI, This picture was our post toilet looking for mickey & walking away from jimmy while calling 'mick mick' pose.

Working hard...

Or hardly working. Doing deliveries for daddy

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

kamden does queso

Kamden now knows how to dip his own chips in queso.

Note that the food remnants on his arm are from licking the kitchenaid mixer beater after marissa mixed up some cookie batter

naps on a cold snowy afternoon are the best

the presents are all wrapped

we are snowed in up to our eyeballs

the cats are snoring too

what to do when everyone is snoring!

Monday, December 14, 2009

kamden conquers tree


Sunday, December 13, 2009

band warm up

bands pictures

I think we should anonymously send this picture to fox news

Did you know that I am tall enough to take all the kitchen utensils from the drawers?

Big forehead

Hoff "kamden are you going to eat all those carrots?"

Balsamic viniagrette is the best

Close up

Boy am I going to pee my pants later :)

I am not camera shy

Hoff wants some carrots too

A little balsamic vinaigrette and I am a happy boy

Celery and carrots sticks are the bomb!!!!

sleepy time

Good thing mommy stayed for a while so that i could get to sleep. I was tired today.

Mom rocked me to sleep and now I nap sweet dreams

I'm Famous

Checking out my own blog. See how many hits i get this week.

helping decorate jim and marissa's tree

post niko's fish watching

Sunday, December 6, 2009

we challenge the carlson family to a rockband challenge

sen on lead guitar

guess who is getting a drumset for christmas?

kamden on drums

this band needs a lead singer

Mr Happy

Kamden + just a little cheese = Mr Happy

cheese and lettuce

We shredded some cheese and cliced up some lettuce.

back at home and cooking

Everyone left with their x-mas trees. Were going to cook dinner for mommy and daddy now.

maybe two are too big

the k man is warming up in the car

one tree on the more to go

this is jims tree

this is jims tree

at christmas tree farm